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Welcome to Five Broken Loaves, where we offer unfiltered insights on Theology, Christian living, and debunking harmful beliefs. Dive into our blog, videos, and podcasts for authentic discussions and practical advice to empower your faith journey. Join us for real talk and deep truths that inspire growth and challenge misconceptions.

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The Biblical Genre’s

I’m providing this as a tool to help us in our understanding of the Bible’s various genre’s. I’m not claiming that this list is inerrant by any means. If you think I’m wrong on a particular book, please don’t hesitate to give me your thoughts in the comments. I’ll do

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Topics I Discuss


The question isn’t simply whether we provide counseling, but rather whether the counsel we offer is in line with biblical principles. Our intention is to ensure that our counseling is deeply rooted in biblical wisdom rather than being merely casual advice.


As the world increasingly embraces human doctrines, even within the church, it has become influenced by secular philosophies. My goal is to address and counteract some of the errors prevalent in today’s church teachings.


We’ll delve into crucial theological concepts often misunderstood. From the doctrines of Grace to Theology proper and more, we’ll cover a wide spectrum.


It’s challenging to determine if the world is experiencing unprecedented turmoil or if our interconnectedness exposes us to more destruction than before. Join us as we discuss current events in the United States and globally, analyzing them through a biblical lens.


Engaging with others to share the Gospel is vital for every Christian, yet often overlooked. Join me on this journey as I navigate through this pathway of spreading the Gospel and connecting with people. Together, we’ll discuss our experiences, both positive and challenging, as we strive to glorify God.


Learning to interpret the Word of God correctly is crucial for every Christian. Hermeneutics, the art of interpretation, holds immense significance, transforming our understanding. Discover the power of a proper hermeneutic!


Do you seek biblical insights on a particular question or life situation? Whether it’s a complex life issue or a challenging biblical concept, I’m here to help. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll consult with my trusted advisors to provide you with a biblically sound response.


Explore tough questions in Christianity to fortify your faith. Join us as we delve into challenging topics, strengthening our spiritual foundation together.

About Me

I’m Tony Rappa.
Join me for real talk and deep truths that inspire growth.

Arising from life’s trials with a deepened Christian faith and newfound purpose, let us embark on a journey of sanctification, guided by the grace of God.

Faith Unfiltered: Real Talk, Deep Truths, Christian Living.

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